Justin + Kelsey (2017, Wedding)

Justin + Kelsey (2017) | Wedding | Co-Cinematographer / Editor

A beautiful wedding I shot at Brookview Ranch north of LA for a stellar couple.

Charissa + Gage (2015, Wedding)

Charissa + Gage (2015) | Wedding | Co-Cinematographer / Editor

In 2015 I co-shot a wedding in Bailey, CO, and edited the footage into this short highlight video (specifically for my portfolio). #ToTheBrims

Sehnsucht (2015, Experimental)

Sehnsucht (2015) | Experimental | Cinematographer / Editor

"Sehnsucht" • German: The inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what.

A short experimental cinematography/editing project I shot in Seattle this summer. Couldn't be any more hipster if I tried. 

San Gorgornio Backpacking Trip (2014, Documentary/Music)

San Gorgornio Backpacking Trip (2014) | Documentary / Music | Cinematographer / Editor

Biola University Backpacking Class Trip with Prof. David Bedell.