Energy Micro Main Titles (2017, Motion)

Energy Micro (2017) | Spec | Motion Designer / Editor

A short spec title sequence I put together for my motion design reel in early 2017.

Incoming! Trailer (2016, Trailer)

Incoming! (2016) | Trailer | Editor

The official trailer for Incoming!, a short film I wrote and directed in 2015.

Charissa + Gage (2015, Wedding)

Charissa + Gage (2015) | Wedding | Co-Cinematographer / Editor

In 2015 I co-shot a wedding in Bailey, CO, and edited the footage into this short highlight video (specifically for my portfolio). #ToTheBrims

Zach King Brings Christmas Bling to Klick! (2015, Corporate)

Zach King Brings Christmas Bling to Klick! | Corporate / Internal | Editor

From Klick's YouTube channel:

Find out what happens when we forget to deck our halls in time for our office holiday party and call YouTube/Vine sensation Zach King for help! It’s truly magical – enjoy!

Zach King: Operation Christmas Child (2015, Documentary)

Zach King: Operation Christmas Child (2015) | Documentary | Editor

From Zach King's Facebook Page:

My team and I had the pleasure of packing an Operation Christmas Child shoebox this year with toys and school supplies. Rachel and Elisa got to follow their box down to Grenada. These kids smiles are priceless! #ipackedashoebox

Sehnsucht (2015, Experimental)

Sehnsucht (2015) | Experimental | Cinematographer / Editor

"Sehnsucht" • German: The inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what.

A short experimental cinematography/editing project I shot in Seattle this summer. Couldn't be any more hipster if I tried. 

San Gorgornio Backpacking Trip (2014, Documentary/Music)

San Gorgornio Backpacking Trip (2014) | Documentary / Music | Cinematographer / Editor

Biola University Backpacking Class Trip with Prof. David Bedell.